Rollem ProductionsLOVE, LIES AND RECORDSSergeant ShearingCilla Ware
BBCMOORSIDEDetective ConstablePaul Whittington
Rollem ProductionsTHE SYNDICATEJournalistKay Mellor
Rollem ProductionsBRASSICPeteKay Mellor
Title Role ProductionsCRIMES THAT SHOOK BRITAINJulian DykesJohnny Perks
Title Role ProductionsBRITAIN'S BIGGEST HEISTSPolice OfficerMike Lehan
Feature FilmTitleRoleDirector
Metrodome GroupBAITMarkDominic Brunt/Michael Lacey
Poor Mad Tom FilmsGOODBYE GIRLChristie LeaneAidey Pugh
Supertouch MediaLUCIDTobias StevensMelissa Blake
Fatveggie ProductionsGEM+1JospehElliott Parker


Children’s Theatre, Comedy, Comedy Improv, Corporate Roleplay, Green Screen/Chroma Key, Live Roleplay, Murder Mystery Events, Theatre in Education, Voice Over.