Public Performance Credits:

03/2017 ‘Remains’ TroubleHouse Theatre
12/2016 ‘Pinocchio’ HardGraft Theatre
08/2016 ‘After the End’ TroubleHouse Theatre
12/2015 ‘Red Riding Hood’ HardGraft Theatre
09/2015 ‘Beryl’ (2 MTA Nominations) West Yorkshire Playhouse (U.K. Tour)
07/2015 ‘Beryl’ West Yorkshire Playhouse (Associate Director)
06/2015 ‘RAW’ (MTA Nominated) Troublehouse Theatre
01/2015 ‘Spur Of The Moment’ Deaf Dog Co.
12/2014 ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ HardGraft Theatre
09/2014 ‘Thick as Thieves’ (MTA WINNER) HardGraft Theatre
04/2014 ‘Burt and Joyce’ HardGraft Theatre
12/2013 ‘Babushka’ HardGraft Theatre

Drama School Productions:
01/2017 ‘The Agamemnon’ ALRA
09/2016 ‘The Lonely Clouds of Guernica’ University of Huddersfield
10/2016 ‘A Taste of Honey’ Salford University
06/2016 ‘Twelfth Night’ ALRA
01/2016 ‘Elektra’ ALRA
02/2015 ‘Harry Enfield and Chums’ ALRA
10/2014 ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ ALRA
09/2014 ‘The Wedding Crash’ ALRA
05/2014 ‘The Lonely Clouds of Guernica’ ALRA
01/2014  ‘Her Naked Skin’ / ‘Guiding Star’ / ‘Shopping and Fucking’ ALRA
09/2013 ‘Dusk Project’ ALRA
05/2013 ‘Macbeth’ / ‘Romeo and Juliet’ / ‘Cymbeline’ / ‘Anthony and Cleopatra’ ALRA
03/2013 ‘The Glass Menagerie’ / ‘A Street Car Named Desire’ / ‘A Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’  ALRA
02/2013 ‘Be My Baby’ / ‘White Boy’ / ‘This Child’ ALRA
01/2013 ‘An Explosive Case’ ALRA
09/2012 ‘Schools Out’ ALRA
01/2012 ‘Alpha Project’ ALRA
09/2011 ‘The Summer Riots’ ALRA